how to convert mono sound to stereo sound

How to convert mono sound to stereo in adobe soundboth

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So you’re dealing with a mono
audio source and want to have it
play on both channels in stereo.
Here are some easy instructions: 1. Since you are likely using Adobe
Premiere pro as well as
Soundbooth, first thing you do is
select the audio channel you want
to make stereo and right-click and
select Edit in Adobe Soundbooth– >Render and Replace. 2. In Soundbooth, click on Edit and
Export–>Channels to Mono Files.
This creates two seperate files
for Left and Right channels. 3. Figure out which file has your
audio and then open that one and
SAVE AS (in Soundbooth). Under
Audio–>Channels select STEREO
and then save the file. 4. The audio in your project should
now be updated with the Stereo